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The Romanian Naval Authority, based in Constanta, No.1 Constanta Port, RNA Bldg., makes available the GREEN LINE phone service.


The GREEN LINE number 0800500100 can be dialed 24/7, free of charge from any home or mobile phone.


Each call is answered by a digital answering system with the following introductive message:


You have called the Romanian Naval Authority GREEN LINE.

Please be advised that your phonecall is being recorded so by continuing this phonecall implies your acceptance.

The recorded message consists of two parts:

Component I
For safety of navigation issues, press 1.


Component II

For other problems regarding the institution’s activities, press 2.


For a call to be considered you must provide the following personal information: surname, name, address, contact phone and e-mail.

No anonymous calls are accepted.


After the beep you are kindly asked to record your message within 3 minutes.


Thank you!


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